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KV331 Audio releases Nori Ubukata's 'Sounds of The World' expansion for SynthMaster
12th November 2012

KV331 Audio has released Nori Ubukata's 'Sounds of the World', a new preset expansion bank for their SynthMaster software synthesizer.

The new bank features 62 MB of sampled ethnic instruments, in SFZ multi-sample format.

Nori Ubukata sampled the following instruments to create this bank:

The bank features 51 presets that use combinations of those multi-sampled instruments plus the internal synth engine of SynthMaster.

Registered users of SynthMaster can purchase and download this bank for $15 from KV331 Audio's online shop.

The audio demos of the presets can be listened to at KV331 Audio's soundcloud page

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