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Tone2 Audiosoftware release Rayblaster Synth Plug-in for Win & Mac VST & AU
1st December 2012

Tone2 Audiosoftware has released its new Rayblaster synthesizer plugin for Windows and Mac OS X.

Tone2 says that Rayblaster uses a new synthesis technique called Impulse Modelling Synthesis (IMS). Conventional synthesizers employ what is known as subtractive synthesis, in which the oscillator source is a looped waveform that is filtered to create a sound. By contrast, RayBlaster utilizes a different approach to sound generation and creates its distinctive sound from many short bursts of energy, which combine to form a more complex sound.

RayBlaster ships with a library of over 500 presets from some of the world's top sound designers. Many complex sounds such as arpeggiators, vocals or drumloops automatically synchronize to the BPM. For fast and easy access to specific sounds, all sounds are arranged into categories, making them easy to locate whether for live performance or within a professional studio environment.

Tone2 says that Impulse Modelling Synthesis has no need for a separate filter section because its oscillators are capable of authentically reproducing the filter sound of other synthesizers, by using one of the factory impulse presets or simply by importing self-made impulses. RayBlaster is capable of modeling the sound of existing filters, as well as create completely new 'fantasy' filters.

Wave import & resynthesis
In addition to importing filter characteristics into RayBlaster's oscillators, waveforms of any other synthesizer can also be imported into RayBlaster. This gives the user a broad range of possible wave-shapes, all of which are capable of being morphed in real-time. RayBlaster also offers many possibilities to synchronize complex sounds to BPM as well as providing the ability to manipulate the pitch, timing and the timbre of all sounds in real-time.

RayBlaster comes with a wide variety of effects that were developed and fine-tuned to complement its Impulse Modeling Synthesis. 18 different stereo effects are included, all carefully crafted to offer the highest quality possible: Reverbs, Delays, Chorus, Ensemble, Phaser, Flanger, Rotary, Compressor, Amp-Sim, Equalizer, Surround-Encode, Vocoder and TranceGate.

Main features:

Rayblaster is available now for €149 / $199 in the following formats:


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