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Rayzoon releases Flamenco, Udu-Utar, Euclid and Sophistica MiniPaks for Jamstix
6th December 2012

Rayzoon has announced the release of four new MiniPaks for Jamstix:

Flamenco features new styles, kits and samples for authentic Flamenco grooves as well as 'stomp & clap' grooves for other genres.

Udu Utar features highly detailed Udu Utar sounds and styles for Jamcussion and Jamstix.

Euclid offers algorithmic groove creation for Jamstix and Jamcussion.

Sophistica contains detailed hihat patterns, two-bar grooves and more.

These MiniPaks are now available in the Rayzoon Online Store at prices ranging from $9 to $19. A discount bundle is also available.

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