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OverTone DSP releases "PTH-2A" Pultec EQH emulation for Mac AU and Win VST
6th December 2012

OverTone DSP has released the PTH-2A plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows.

Based on the Pultec EQH, the PTH-2A similarly provides a cost-effective subset of features found on the popular PTC-2A / EQP-1 emulation, at a significantly reduced price. Using the same filter technology and separate low frequency boost and attenuate controls to replicate the signature Pultec low-end sounds, the PTH-2A also includes a transformer-coupled tube amplifier emulation which further enhances the vintage qualities.

The PTH-2A is available for Mac OS X (AU) and Windows XP / 7 (VST).

Price: £15.00.

More information and free demo at: www.overtonedsp.co.uk/download_pth_2a

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