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HOFA-Plugins releases IQ-EQ V3 for Windows and OS X
11th January 2013

HOFA-Plugins has released IQ-EQ V3, which is described as "the next generation Dynamic EQ / Channelstrip". The current version can be tested until March 31st, 2013.

The upgrade adds two more bands and also extends its features. Besides improved filters and additional filter types it also offers a much more flexible usage due to its changeable filter order and routing/sidechain selection per band.


Pricing & Availability

Until February 14, 2013 the HOFA IQ-EQ costs 109.90 €. After February 14, 2013 it will cost 119.90 € and after March 31, 2013 it will cost 129,90 €.

The upgrade is free for customers who purchased the IQ-EQ in 2012. The upgrade price for a previously purchased IQ-EQ is 39.90 €.

Further information and download is available at hofa-plugins.de.

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