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XILS-lab updates Chor'X to v1.5.0 - Adds 4th Algorithm: VP-330
16th September 2013

XILS-lab has updated the vintage Bucket Brigade Delay Chorus plug-in Chor'X to v1.5.0.

This major update adds a fourth Chorus algorithm, VP-330, emulated from the real hardware, to the existing Dimension-D, Synthex, and CS-80 ones, which have also been refined.

A revamped interface enhances the workflow, enabling you to switch between the Easy/Legacy mode (default) and the Advanced-Complex-Deep mode.

Legacy Mode

Legacy Mode makes it easy to get the exact sound of the four legendary units without having to do anything or change complex parameters.

Advanced Mode

The internal parameters are still exposed in the same way as they were in version 1.0, but now only if you want or need it. Project and presets are fully backward compatible.

Stereo Space Engine

The True Stereo Dynamic Engine allows you to build complex stereo scenes, with real time animation. Now, for those who want to keep the exact legacy sound of their preferred algorithm, it is easy to by-pass the stereoizer.

Chor'X 1.5 also fixes various issues some people have encountered with version 1.0:

More information and audio demos on their website.

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