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App Sound releases Guitar Attack (Apple Loops & WAV files) with Intro Offer
3rd December 2013

App Sound has released Beat Konstrukt Volume 02 Guitar Attack, a content pack with over 270 audio files of electric guitar riffs. The loops can be loaded as Apple Loops or WAV files into your DAW or app.

The artistic concept: Electric Guitar meets Electronic Music
The guitar takes were optimized for music production in the mainstream styles of electronic and pop/rock music.

To give you more freedom every guitar loop is offered ready-to-use with effects and also in a clean version (without amping or effect processing). The guitar, a real Fender Stratocaster, was played by German artist Hansi Kremer, pre-amped with TL Audio Processor and originally recorded in 24-bit.

Guitar Attack is more than a simulation of a classic Fender guitar. It offers many fresh sounds and ways to work with its sample content.


Price: 4,99 €. Introductory price is 2,99 € until the end of 2013.

Audio Demo: soundcloud.com/app-sound/loop-kit-beat-konstrukt-02

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