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Virharmonic releases "Soloists of Prague" for UVI Workstation
3rd December 2013

Virharmonic has announced the release of Soloists of Prague, a new virtual instrument powered by the free UVI Workstation.

Here's what they say: "Soloists of Prague is a word building solo library of four fantastic voices. Haunting Soprano, Furious Alto, Smooth Tenor and Lamenting Bass. We have sampled professional, word acclaimed soloist from Prague Philharmonic Choir. We have paid special attention to capturing the essence of their performance and all the voices were sampled chromatically in three true dynamics which can be controlled either through modwheel morph or through velocity activation and modwheel expression control".

Main Features:

Price: $199 (less then $50 per soloist).

Demos and further information available at www.virharmonic.com

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