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DSP Robotics updates FlowStone to v3.0.4
12th December 2013

DSP Robotics has updated FlowStone to Version 3.0.4 which includes a feature that has been requested for a long time - the ability to make your own components using external dlls. One cool aspect of this is the ability to embed dlls which allows you to make stand alone primitives.

For educators DSP Robotics introduced a feature called Local Toolboxes. This allows you to easily create a reduced toolbox so that students are only presented with the components they need to perform a particular task. The toolbox is local to a schematic and can be saved with it too. The feature may also be useful for power users who want to keep their own toolbox of favourite components to use with particular schematics.

A host of other improvements and fixes are included to make your experience even better, including enhancements to the COM Port component and improved VST preset file handling.



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