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Cakewalk releases Free SONAR X3d Update
18th December 2013

Cakewalk has announced the availability of SONAR X3d, the fourth patch to be released since the SONAR X3 launch back in September, 2013. It includes numerous fixes and improvements as requested by the user community.

Video Enhancements

As of SONAR X3d, SONAR's video engine defaults to using Microsoft's Media Foundation framework, rather than DirectShow. This fundamentally improves the way video files are loaded, played, edited and exported in SONAR. Media Foundation generally supports most older formats supported by DirectShow as well as many newer formats such as H264 video. A full list of media formats supported by Media Foundation can be found here.

As a result of this change, a large number of long-standing bugs and limitations with importing videos and video playback have been resolved. For backwards compatibility, SONAR's video engine can still be switched to use the DirectShow engine. More information on switching SONAR's video engine can be found here.

NOTE: The Media Foundation engine in SONAR X3D does not support Windows Vista. If you are running Windows Vista your video engine will default to using DirectShow.

Stability Fixes:


Audio & MIDI:



Get the update here.

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