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Fingermarks Sound Design releases "Clouds & Clocks" for MadronaLabs Aalto
21st December 2013

Fingermarks Sound Design has released Clouds & Clocks for MadronaLabs Aalto.

This bank of 75 presets is the successor to Drone Machines. As with its predecessor the bank focusses mainly on patches that are self generating evolving sounds, but this time the sounds tend to fall between two contrasting forms: some are textural and cloud-like (or fractal) and very minimalistic, whereas others are more tempo based, polyrhythmic and mechanical. There are also a number of pads and modelled string instruments, several using alternate tunings.

Price: The bank is available from the Fingermarks website for free evaluation and casual playing - there is a donation link for people to pay what they think it is worth if they like it and/or plan to use it in their music.

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