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WaveDNA Updates Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro to Version 1.3
29th December 2013

WaveDNA has updated Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro to v1.3.0. The latest version features a number of workflow improvements, bug fixes, and a set of entirely new tools for rhythm creation. In addition to other improvements, the latest update includes three key new features.

The BeatForm Shifter allows users to 'nudge' BeatForms, note sequences 1/8 of a bar long, forward and backward one step at a time with the push of a button. As well, all beats that hit the end of a bar will spin—or loop back—to the other end of the bar. This is designed to help users experimenting with patterns and variations, and can be particularly powerful when applied to multiple regions at a time.

BeatForm Tumbler is a dial interface that allows users to map dials in Liquid Rhythm to the knobs of MIDI controllers, giving the power to complexify and simplify each beat in a rhythm by twisting through combinations of notes and rests in real time.

Liquid Rhythm's velocity controllers allow users to set a range inside of which notes will have a random velocity, and generate a humanized feel. A powerful update to the velocity sliders (available to both versions of Liquid Rhythm) helps users create small build-ups and build-downs in tracks. The velocity controllers now have an additional option to apply increasing and decreasing velocity "shapes" – or envelopes – to the notes in each 'building block' of rhythm (BeatForms).

Additional feature updates and bug fixes are outlined below.

New Features:

*Note: The BeatForm Tumbler and BeatForm Shifter are only available in the full version of Liquid Rhythm.

Improvements and Updates:


The latest version of Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro are available for download on the WaveDNA website.

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