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Cableguys release FilterShaper 3 with 2-day intro offer
20th January 2014

Cableguys has released FilterShaper 3, with a two-day introductory offer saving you $20 / €20 on the normal retail price.

Cableguys say "FilterShaper 3 takes a giant leap into unconventional sound design with two powerful filters, freely editable modulation curves, and an immensely flexible modulation framework."

"The new Sallen-Key type filters deliver a rich, warm, intricate sound. Create complex, shifting, interweaving effects. Apply subtle nuances or giant wobbles. From filtersweeps and stereo tremolo to surgically-precise filter control and multiband sidechain effects."

A demo version is available to download.

Pricing & Intro Offer

FilterShaper is €69 / $89. Cableguys extended their pre-sale offer for two more days: On Monday, January 20, and Tuesday, January 21, you can still get FilterShaper 3 for €49 / $69.


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