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EverythingTurns releases Analog to Digital 20th Anniversary Edition (WAV)
20th January 2014

EverythingTurns has announced the release of Analog to Digital 20th Anniversary Edition, a sample collection featuring more than 1,400 individual Samples in 44.1 kHz / 24-bit WAV format (2.1+ GB of data).

Here's what they say: "The original A2D audio CD released in 1993 contained over 700 individual samples on 68 tracks, recorded from two decades of analog synthesisers and digital instruments, it was raved about by dance producers for its usability, inspiring qualities and versatility for use in everything from Ambient, Trance and Electronica to the hardest of Hardcore Techno."

The sequel CD A2D2 released in 1994 added to the flexibility of A2D with a more diverse collection adding over 700 Atmospheric Loops, Individual Drum and Percussion Samples, Pads and Moods, plus Special Effects and Synth Waveforms contained on 90 audio tracks.

They continue: "20 years later and both CDs have stood the test of time, the sound are just as relevant and inspiring to today's musicians as the original instruments were 40 years ago, and now for the first time available as a single collection."

Price: £16.00. For more information about A2D20 and to listen to the original 1994 demo track, visit the EverythingTurns website.

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