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Mixvibes releases Cross 3 - "Video DJing reinvented"
22nd January 2014

Mixvibes has released Cross 3, its new flagship Mac OS X and Windows DJ software bringing major video features, frequency colored waveforms and more.

Full video system
Video is a fantastic way to make a DJ set more exciting. Cross 3 can be used to simply playback video clips or go more experimental. DJs can choose their level of complexity, take control of the video mixing or let the software do it automatically ­ so that it follows the music.

Sync videos to any of your tracks
Cross allows you to put up a proper show with synced visuals with the flexibility of live selection that DJs love. It's easy: prepare a few video clips, and play them on top of all your tracks.

Video for every DJ
The core video features are now available in all 3 versions of Cross for Mac/PC: Cross DJ Free, Cross DJ and Cross.

Video sampler
For the first time in a DJ software, Cross gives you two 4­pad video samplers:

Put your own content in Cross & record your set

Frequency colored waveforms
Cross 3 introduces the long awaited Frequency colored waveform feature. They've redesigned the waveform to display low, mid and high frequencies. The track's structure and energy becomes much more understandable. It's like seeing inside the sound. 3 modes are available: Legacy (Yellow + Red), Nexus (Blue) and Spectrum (multicolor.)

New EQs and Apple Lossless + WMA support

Cross, a more attractive package than ever
Cross now offers the full package of modern DJ software: colored waveforms, 4 decks, sampler, key detection, effects, MIDI, CDJ & Vinyl control, iOS remote and more. But Cross even has a few unique tricks of its own:

Available in 3 versions:

  1. Cross DJ Free:
    • 2 decks + mixer.
    • Video mixing.
    • iOS remote support.
    • iTunes support.
  2. Cross DJ adds:
    • MIDI control.
    • Rekordbox sync.
    • 4 decks & samplers.
    • Snap, Quantize & Slip.
    • Key detection.
  3. Cross adds:
    • Video output.
    • Full video features.
    • Video sampling.
    • CDJ control (HID).
    • Vinyl control (DVS).


The upgrade to version 3 is free for all previous users.

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