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EastWest releases 25th Anniversary Collection - 30 products re-engineered and re-programmed for PLAY (+PLAY updated to v4.1.6)
23rd January 2014

EastWest is celebrating 25 years with a special 25th Anniversary Collection of virtual instruments.

The Anniversary Collection gives musicians access to 30 previously released (and since discontinued) legacy products from the EastWest vault, all re-engineered and re-programmed to work in the PLAY software (which has just been updated to v4.1.6).

"This collection is very special. It gave us a chance to reflect on the many great products we have done in the pursuit of creating better music over the past 25 years. In re-engineering the collection, we realized just how much of the content is still relevant and usable for musicians today. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have creating them," says Doug Rogers.

Many of these titles have greatly benefited from technical advances since they were first released. For example, the construction kits (individual loop components) and multi-channel drum kits are now all on different channels in the PLAY mixer, allowing the user to mix and customize everything. These are then tempo controlled by your sequencer. The PLAY software also includes many sound shaping tools previously unavailable in the initial releases.

The following titles are available:

All titles in the 25th Anniversary Collection use the same interface, only the original cover art changes. The software includes many new advanced sound shaping tools, a new AMP simulator with 80 Presets, classic Echoplex EP-1 Delay, Solid State Logic EQ & Dynamics Channel, consisting of: Filter, EQ, Compressor and Noise Gate/Expander, Solid State Logic Transient Shaper, Solid State Logic Stereo Compressor, EastWest Expanded Convolution Reverb with 726 Additional Reverb Presets.

Pricing & Availability

Customers can purchase any combination of licenses at a progressive discount of 5% per title to a maximum of 30%. The discount applies to the entire order. All titles are available for immediate download. Customers who order 10 or more titles from the collection have the option of receiving their order on a free hard drive. Each title is $99 / €75 (before the discounts).

The 25th Anniversary Collection is available for download at www.soundsonline.com/25th-Anniversary-Collection, and for European customers at www.soundsonline-europe.com/25th-Anniversary-Collection

PLAY updated to v4.1.6

Changes in PLAY Software Update v4.1.6:

Changes in PLAY Software Update v4.1.5:

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