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beatassist.eu releases GanGsta - Groove Box/Drum Sampler for Windows VST
22nd January 2014

beatassist.eu has released GanGsta, a new Groove Box / Drum Sampler for Windows as a VST instrument plug-in.

GanGsta has five .wav slots per patch (supports 16- and 24-bit samples). Each of these slots has three pitch modes that can be automated independently.

Every slot also has:

Each of the five slots can be connected to four global effects:

The Pad Cells can be MIDI controlled if you wish to trigger shot sounds through a pad launcher, and patch change also may be MIDI controlled.

GanGsta includes 374 .wav samples in the Sound Bank, can Load/Save .fxb Banks and has a range of 64 patch presets.

Price: €30.

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