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VSL releases "Vienna Dimension Strings – Viola Section" and updates MIR Pro
23rd January 2014

The Vienna Symphonic Library has released the Viola Section of their magnum opus Vienna Dimension Strings. Registered users of Vienna Dimension Strings may download the updated library portion from their User Area at the company's website. New users may still benefit from an ongoing Early Bird Offer.

VSL has also announced that the latest versions of Vienna MIR Pro and MIR Pro 24 include almost 1,000 instrument and venue presets for one-click placement, harnessing the sophistication of MIRx presets for Vienna Instruments PRO. The updates are free for all registered users of Vienna MIR Pro or MIR Pro 24.

Vienna Dimension Strings – Early Bird Offer

Customers who take advantage of the company's Early Bird Offer receive a full license of Vienna Dimension Strings for $955 and may download the Violin, Viola and Cello Sections (Full Libraries) immediately. On March 1, 2014, the essential patches of the Double Bass Section will be released and the price of Vienna Dimension Strings will go up to its full list price of $1,430. The essential bass patches will include staccatos, sustains, pizzicatos and tremolos, while the remaining the articulations will follow a little later.

Dimension String Recordings with Multiple Players And Individual Miking

The new Viola Section includes more than 200,000 pristine samples of six players that have been recorded together as a homogeneous group, but with individual microphones for each player. This way all of the human interactions and slight imperfections of a live performance have been captured while still allowing for individual access to each player within the ensemble. Changes in dynamic levels, vibrato, intonation and timing of the players within a group can be "Humanized" automatically or by individually assigning controllers to each player. Like the Violin and Cello Sections of Vienna Dimension Strings, each string of each Viola has been captured in its full range and is now available with ready-made presets, such as "force strings" or "use/avoid open strings", which allows users to easily create their customized string ensemble sound.

MIRx Instrument and Venue Presets now available in Vienna MIR Pro / MIR Pro 24

The latest incarnations of Vienna's unique mixing and reverberation solutions Vienna MIR Pro and MIR Pro 24 incorporate more than 900 instrument and venue presets that were individually built and optimized for Vienna MIR Pro and for Vienna Instruments PRO's MIRx Reverb Extensions. Choosing "MIRx Mode" in Vienna MIR Pro or MIR Pro 24 will call up pre-configured placements and EQ settings for Vienna Instruments and other signal sources, precisely adjusted and perfectly placed in a concert hall or scoring stage (venue depends on installed Vienna MIR RoomPacks, sold separately).

Live Presentations at Winter NAMM 2014 and Further Clinics in SoCal

Along with Vienna Dimension Strings and Vienna MIR Pro the Austrian company will present in elaborate detail the MIRx Reverb Mixing Extensions for the proprietary sample player Vienna Instruments PRO. MIRx is based on pre-configured Multi Impulse Responses from Vienna MIR Pro and its RoomPacks, integrating the acoustics of renowned concert halls and sound stages such as the Vienna Konzerthaus and Teldex Scoring Stage directly into Vienna Instruments PRO.

The presentation stage at NAMM is hosted by Vienna's American distributor, ILIO, at booth #6724 in Hall A of the Anaheim Convention Center.

Two additional clinics are scheduled for January 28, 7 pm at Westlake Pro in North Hollywood, and for January 29, 7 pm at ILIO in Westlake Village.

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