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Sony releases Sound Forge Pro Mac 2 and updates SpectraLayers Pro for Mac & Win to v2.1
28th January 2014

Sony Creative Software has released new versions of its Sound Forge Pro Mac and SpectraLayers Pro [Win/Mac] applications. These products can be purchased separately or together in the new Audio Master Suite Mac bundle.

Sound Forge Pro Mac, now in Version 2, comes with the addition of new features as a result of customer requests. These features include: batch processing, refined metering for discriminating mastering and broadcast professionals, more processing tools, and event editing improvements. The free SpectraLayers Pro 2.1 update features seamless interoperability with Sound Forge Pro Mac, an efficient reverb removal process, an improved noise reduction algorithm, expanded noise removal process options, and user interface improvements.

While Sound Forge Pro Mac 2 and SpectraLayers Pro 2.1 are standalone applications, both are now configured to work seamlessly with each other, providing a comprehensive editing environment that combines deep waveform and spectrum editing capabilities.

"Sound Forge Pro Mac and SpectraLayers Pro are evolving rapidly, " said Dave Chaimson, divisional vice president of Sony Creative Software. "Adding comprehensive batch processing functionality to Sound Forge Pro Mac fulfills our single most frequent customer request, and the new processing options available via the included Nectar Elements plug-in represent an unparalleled value. Mac-based SpectraLayers Pro users will now be able to enjoy the sensational Sound Forge Pro interoperability experience previously available only on the Windows platform, as well as the new reverb removal and noise reduction features we've built into the free SpectraLayers Pro update."

The interoperability feature that now unifies the cross-platform Sound Forge Pro and SpectraLayers Pro product lines first became available for Windows-based platforms in July 2013, with the release of Sound Forge Pro 11 [Win] and SpectraLayers Pro 2 [Win/Mac]. With the release of Sound Forge Pro Mac 2 and SpectraLayers Pro 2.1, this seamless interoperability is now mirrored across platforms.

Sound Forge Pro Mac 2 New Features:

SpectraLayers Pro 2.1 New Features:

Audio Master Suite Mac:

Price and Availability

Sound Forge Pro Mac software (MSRP $299.95), SpectraLayers Pro software (MSRP $399.95 Mac/Win), and both applications bundled in the Audio Master Suite package (MSRP $499.95) are now available for digital download, with physical products available February 1, 2014.

For more information, or to purchase, please visit: www.sonycreativesoftware.com.

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