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Leap Into The Void releases "Dronos Of Meta" for Massive
31st January 2014

Leap Into The Void has released Dronos Of Meta, a soundset for Massive that contains "72 worlds of sound, voids of the profound, and dark tempo-synced textures from the unknown, handcrafted with meticulous precision and stretched to infinity".

All sounds are "inhabited and alive" and range from suggestive, ominous and dark to evolving, hypnotic and sometimes even lush. Dronos Of Meta makes extensive use of every feature inside the semi modular structure of Massive from comb modulations to organic worlds produced from precisely tuned feedback settings. The soundset is completed with a limited range of organs, bass sounds and leads that match the environment in Dronos Of Meta.

Every sound comes with a detailed description in the comments area of the attributes which describes the sound, the macro assignments and examples of variations were applicable.

All sounds are designed with careful assignment of each macro knob with maximum focus on the specific preset and its intended use which enables extensive sound shaping possibilities should you want to.

Either compose complete songs with just one sound or a combination of sounds or, use as textures and pads along with your preferred drum beat, bass and lead to add depth and an organic dimension.

Suited for any kind of music and film production which needs dark atmospheres, multi-layered tempo-synced soundscapes, intense pressure, suggestive ambiences and evolving pads.

Price: €16.95 but it's available for a limited time of two weeks for €11.97 (using code: LIVDOMOFFER).


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