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HOFA releases "DDP Player" and "DDP Player Maker"
7th February 2014

Based on the CD authoring and DDP creation tool HOFA CD-Burn & DDP, HOFA has released two new products: HOFA DDP Player and HOFA DDP Player Maker.

Most people will not be able to do a lot with a DDP image. For burning such an image to CD or even for listening to it you will need specialized software that might be too expensive for that purpose only. HOFA DDP Player is a simple, intuitive and quite inexpensive alternative for everyone.

If you want to make it even easier for your customers to check a final CD Master as DDP image, HOFA DDP Player Maker is the solution for you. It allows delivering DDP images to your customers that include a matching player software which runs out of the box. No further downloading, installing or licensing is required. It does not even matter if your customer is using a Windows PC or a Mac, as the player will be included for both platforms. The created player can be set up with your own logo that will be shown as a splash screen. You can also add your custom info text and a link to your website. Furthermore you can decide, if the created player should be able to burn CDs or not.

Introductory Prices:

Available in the HOFA Plugins Store

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