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feelyoursound.com releases "Sundog Scale Studio" - MIDI notes and chords composition tool for Windows
18th February 2014

feelyoursound.com has released Sundog Scale Studio, a new composition tool for electronic musicians that "want to create great songs faster". The standalone software connects to other DAWs and hardware instruments via MIDI and sends note commands to trigger chords and melodies.

The main focus of Sundog lies on writing harmonic songs from scratch without having to worry about music theory.

This is how it works:

  1. Connect Sundog to your DAW.
  2. Choose a scale and a basenote. C Major for example sounds quite happy, E Natural Minor rather sad.
  3. Find chord progressions by clicking chord buttons with your mouse.
  4. Trigger rhythmic note patterns with your mouse, computer keyboard, or MIDI keyboard. All notes will harmoniously match your chosen chords and/or the scale.

The main features:

Sundog costs $39 / €29 and is available for Windows.

The second half of the video demonstrates how you can write a complete verse within two minutes: www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvBr6rBuQls

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