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Positive Grid releases BIAS Amplifier Modeler and Designer App for iPhone
20th February 2014

Three months after the iPad version, Positive Grid has released its BIAS amplifier modeler and designer app in a more portable iPhone-compatible version.

The new iPhone and iPod Touch version features a number of sonic improvements over its initial iPad version début, as well as the addition of ToneCloud, a cloud-based amp sharing social platform. With BIAS for iPhone, users are able to create and share their own custom amp creations with fellow musicians as well as download, like and comment on the creations of others.

"With this new version of BIAS, musicians can own, design and share an infinite collection of highly realistic sounding amps right in their iPhones," says Positive Grid Marketing Manager Jaime Ruchman. "And we know that a lot of them want to rock the stage with BIAS, so, with our upcoming BT-4 Bluetooth controller rounding out the complete product ecosystem, they'll be ready to live the whole BIAS experience anywhere."

BIAS for iPhone is a flexible tool that can be used in many ways depending on musicians' working preferences and necessities.

Guitarists and bassists will find in BIAS for iPhone a varied palette of tonal possibilities no matter what their musicals style are. Clean, glassy, blues, crunch, high gain, metal, bass and even acoustic amps can not only be selected, but customized to please the most demanding tone seeker. And for those looking to add realistic pedal effects to their custom amps, BIAS for iPhone can be integrated with JamUp, Positive Grid's multi-effects processor, eight-track recorder and phrase sampler for guitar and bass. It can even be used with Apple GarageBand and a myriad of other audio apps using iOS7's Inter-App Audio and Audiobus.

Key features:

BIAS retails for $9.99 and is immediately available for download at the iTunes App Store (it's currently $4.99). Designed for iOS7, the app requires an iPod Touch 5 or iPhone 4s – or newer – to operate.

For more details, visit www.postivegrid.com.

Introducing BIAS for iPhone: www.youtube.com/watch?v=H804qYNnoYQ

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