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Psychic Modulation releases Dubtron2 - Bass Synth VSTi for Windows
4th March 2014

Psychic Modulation has released Dubtron2, the successor to the original Dubtron bass synth, taking its modulation-based concept into new territory, exploring quirky analogue basses, modern rhythmic soundscapes, chilly dub techno and experimental ambient textures.

Dubtron2 uses beat-driven modulation and sub-rhythms along with randomization to bring about interesting rhythmic sounds and atmospheres. This along with its serial filter system, a feedback-looping dub delay and a "Phonec-style" Melt feature makes Dubtron2 an extremely versatile instrument with a unique approach to sonic exploration.

Here is a brief overview of its key features:

Price: $39. Dubtron2 is available as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows.


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