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VSL releases Vienna Dimension Strings Double Basses and Free Software Offer
5th March 2014

The Vienna Symphonic Library team has released the first basic Double Bass patches of their magnum opus Vienna Dimension Strings. Registered users of Vienna Dimension Strings may download the new library portion from the company's website, free of charge.

With an additional one-month limited time offer, purchases of Vienna Symphonic Library products between March 1 and March 31, 2014 will be rewarded with free software products. The minimum purchase to receive a free Vienna Instruments PRO player is $1,000, and spending $2,000 or more will yield Vienna MIR PRO 24 with a free RoomPack.

Vienna Dimension Strings – Double Bass Section
The new Vienna Dimension Strings Double Bass Section features four 5-string instruments, currently offering staccatos, sustains, tremolos, and pizzicatos. Further articulations will be added shortly.

Vienna Dimension Strings may now be purchased as a separate Standard Library and an Extended Library. The latter contains additional articulations and requires the prior installation of the Standard Library. The Standard Library and Extended Library are priced at $744 each, while the Full Library is available for $1,488. Vienna Dimension Strings (Full Library) currently includes a total of over 712,000 samples of 24 string players (8 violins, 6 violas, 6 cellos and 4 double basses) that were recorded in homogeneous groups but with individual microphones for each player, providing for individual performance flexibility.

Limited Time Offer: Free Vienna Instruments PRO & Vienna MIR PRO 24
Purchasing Vienna Symphonic Library products for $1,000 or more during the month of March, 2014 will be rewarded with a free Vienna Instruments PRO player, the company's powerful proprietary sample engine with advanced features such as Auto Humanization, Polyphonic Legato, Enveloped Time Stretching, Adjustable Tuning Scales, and an internal Auto-Playback and Pattern Sequencer.

Customers whose purchases total $2,000 or more will receive a free Vienna MIR PRO 24, a network-capable mixing and reverberation solution for Macs and PCs based on Vienna's Multi Impulse Response convolution, and may select a free RoomPack of their choice.

Customers may benefit from both offers and receive Vienna Instruments PRO, Vienna MIR PRO 24 and a RoomPack worth up to $900 for free if their accumulated purchases during the month of March reach $3,000 or more.

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