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App Sound releases Power Synth for Apple Logic X - 200 sounds for Retro Synth
18th March 2014

App Sound has released Power Synth for Apple Logic X, a collection of 200 sounds for the Logic's Retro Synth.

Power Synth includes leads, basses, pads, chords, motions as well as wavetable sounds ready for their use in current Pop, Dance and Electronic music. There are big fat sounds as well as trendy presets like wobbling synths and rhythmical motions created with tempo-synced LFOs, offering a different sound aesthetic as demonstrated by the factory settings.

The set takes advantage of all the four synth sections (Analog, Sync, FM and Wavetable) of Retro Synth. All 200 sounds for Apple Retro Synth are designed by Matthias Sauer.


Price: 14,99 €. There is an introductory price of 11,99 € until the end of March.

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/app-sound/sets/apple-logic-power-synth

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0cSaHHCgFU

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