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Mystery Islands Music announces "Virus|HC Editor" - AU and VST librarian editor for Access Virus A, B, C and TI-range synthesizers
7th April 2014

Mystery Islands Music has announced Virus|HC Editor and launched a pre-order campaign.

Virus|HC is an Access Virus-range VST and AudioUnit MIDI / SysEx librarian editor plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows.

Final release is estimated in Q4 2014. Everyone who pre-orders is able to take part in a closed beta test.

Virus|HC Editor is different to Access Virus TI "Virus Control" software with only few points:


Virus parameter differences are marked with colored knobs and marked menu items:

Plug-in will be available in following formats:


You can pre-order for 39.95€ now at www.mysteryislands-music.com

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