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Jesse Jost updates Arpist for iOS to v1.1.2
14th April 2014

Arpist Arpist Arpist
Arpist Arpist Arpist

Jesse Jost has updated Arpist for iOS to version 1.1.2, which brings MIDI Sync refinements to improve app-to-app MIDI Clock synchronization and compatibility with Cubasis. Arpist was originally released in the iTunes App Store on January 16, 2014.

Arpist is a free arpeggiator designed for use with MIDI hardware instruments, iOS instrument apps and DAWs, combining a full-featured arpeggiator with song sequencing and musical transposition features.

Arpist has been designed for easy operation to work with your performance, rather than against it.

Arpist augments the capabilities of existing MIDI hardware and integrates with any CoreMIDI compliant app on iOS.

Robust MIDI Support:

Performance Parameters:

Song Controls:

Nuance & Style:

Price: Free.


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