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PlugInGuru releases "MegaMacho Drums Power Pack" for BreakTweaker
22nd April 2014

PlugInGuru.com has released the MegaMacho Drums Power Pack for BreakTweaker. This library consists of 124 Groove Presets in 11 genres (factory voicing consisted of only 99 Presets in 5 genres), 910 Sound Generator Presets (factory voicing consisted of only 69 Sound Generator Presets) and 1,061 WAV samples from the MegaMacho Drums sample library.

Apart from John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl, owner of PlugInGuru.com, four other programmers were involved, to help make the library more diverse and interesting than if all the patterns were made by one person:

  1. Ryeland Allison (Hanz Zimmer, TOOL, BT, co-creator of Distorted Reality for Spectrasonics).
  2. Toby Pitman (Sir Paul McCartney, George Michael, 2012 Olympics).
  3. Seth Norman (member of Portland based TRIAGE Dubstep/Deep Bass EDM, remixer).
  4. Carl Helder (musician, composer and educator).

Virtually all of the Presets contain 10 patterns and the "groove layout" is consistent so you know which notes are assigned to fill, groove, no kick or no snare, etc. One advanced development is that for a first time, this library contains grooves that are sync-able to your host DAW and have a swing feel that is more versatile than the swing parameter on ANY drum groove machine because swing values are set on a per-8th note micro edit level. The linked video below shows how to accomplish this as well as provides a sonic tour of many of the groove Presets in the library.

This 202MB library is a download and is available now at an introductory price of $44.95. On May 1st the price will be changed to its normal retail price of $54.95.

YouTube Audio/Visual Tour

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