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Luxonix releases 'Ravity bundle' featuring Ravity S (synth) and Ravity R (rhythm/drum) Sound Modules for Windows VSTi
23rd April 2014

Luxonix has released the Ravity bundle, featuring two 90s Sound Module / ROMpler VST instrument plug-ins for Windows.

Ravity S (synth) and Ravity R (rhythm/drum) were discontinued after Luxonix released Purity in 2005. But many users have requested a re-release of the Ravity series, so Luxonix has released the Ravity bundle along with the individual product re-releases.

Ravity S costs $34 and Ravity R is $24. The bundle package price is $45.

Ravity features a convenient user interface with the Preset Browser. It offers simple, but powerful control over all aspects of Ravity. You can navigate through controls and adjust them simply with a keyboard or mouse, you can custom assign user presets using different colors, and you can use the Preview/Load system to quickly browse through the different sounds.


Ravity S:

Ravity R:

Demo Songs

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