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SquaredHeads releases Nora Polyphonic Phrase Arpeggiator 0.99b for Windows 32/64-bit (VST)
6th May 2014

SquaredHeads has released Nora, a new Polyphonic Phrase Arpeggiator, which is designed with real-time editing and workflow in mind. It utilizes piano roll-like grid advanced editing tools to create MIDI phrases/patterns.

Open your DAW, add a chord progression and play it. Afterwards, load Nora and create a new phrase or choose one from the supplied ones. Finally set the output to any synthesizer or sampler and you will get the final result.

Nora features:

Nora is available for Windows as a VST instrument plug-in, 32 and 64-bits. A demo version can be downloaded.

It costs 34€ for a limited fifteen-day period (Until May 20th). Its normal price is 49€.

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