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OverTone DSP releases DYN4000 Channel Compressor / Expander / Gate Plug-In for Mac & Win VST & AU
14th May 2014

OverTone DSP has released the DYN4000 channel compressor / expander / gate plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows.

Based on channel dynamics processing from one of the best-known British recording consoles, the DYN4000 comprises compressor / limiter and expander / gate sections.

The plug-in includes a true RMS side-chain detector, while the compressor provides a switchable soft / hard knee characteristic, ensuring smooth onset of compression at the threshold point or more aggressive dynamics control on demand.

Switchable compressor fast attack settings are also provided as is variable programme dependent release while the expander / gate section provides a 1:2 downward expander or a 1:∞ gate setting with threshold hysteresis.

Pricing & Availability

DYN4000 costs £20.00 and is available for Mac OS X and Windows XP / 7 / 8 in AU and VST plug-in formats. A demo version is available here.

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