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XLN Audio releases Addictive Drums 2
16th May 2014

XLN Audio has released Addictive Drums 2, an eagerly awaited update to the popular virtual instrument. In addition to its new features and technical improvements, Addictive Drums 2 removes the need to buy a "base" product before purchasing ADpak expansions. Users can start their Addictive Drums 2 journey by purchasing any ADpak or Bundle of their choice—the AD2 engine is always included.

Pricing starts at 9.95€ for Kitpiece Paks, 19.95€ for MIDIpaks, 89.95€ for ADpaks and 179.95€ for bundles.

What's New In Addictive Drums 2?

Sound Shaping Features:

Find And Transform Your Beat:

Workflow Enhancements:

Total Freedom To Choose:

XLN Audio co-founder and Product Manager Lars Erlandsson says, "The original Addictive Drums made a massive impact when it was released in 2006. No one else was even close in terms of features, speed or ease of use. I think we got a lot of things just right on that product, so when the time came to work on AD2, we wanted to make sure we retained all the things that people love. At the same time, we wanted to add a ton of exciting new features that would help music makers be even more successful. It was a challenge, but I love what we've made and I think users will love it too."

In addition to Addictive Drums 2, XLN Audio is also launching a new ADpak called Fairfax Vol. 1. This ADpak features a rock drum kit that was recorded at the legendary Sound City studio in Los Angeles (now known as Fairfax Recordings). An unlimited demo version of Fairfax Vol. 1 is available for free at www.xlnaudio.com.

Says Erlandsson, "We're so confident music makers will get addicted to Fairfax and AD2, we're letting them try half the kit for free and for as long as they like. This way, users don't have to take our word for it—they can hear it for themselves in their own studios."

Pricing & Availability

At time of launch, there are 16 ADpaks and three bundles. Users that purchase bundles are free to select any ADpak, MIDIpak, or Kitpiece Pak of their choice from the XLN Audio website when they register their bundle.

Pricing starts at 9.95€ for Kitpiece Paks, 19.95€ for MIDIpaks, 89.95€ for ADpaks and 179.95€ for bundles. Upgrades are 79.95€.

All Addictive Drums v1.x content has been updated to make full use of the new features found in Addictive Drums 2. Existing users that purchase the AD2 Upgrade from the XLN Audio webshop get all their existing content upgraded in addition to the Addictive Drums 2 sound engine.

"This is the most important thing XLN Audio has done since the original Addictive Drums, " says co-founder and CEO, Niklas Möller. "We think all the new features, the new ADpak, and the open sales model is going to be really great for customers. We can't wait to share it with them."

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