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WOK releases Stretchpack - 3 VST Plug-ins for Time Stretch Effects for Windows
22nd May 2014

WOK has released Stretchpack, which includes three VST effect plug-ins for Windows for changing time and pitch of WAV sample loops:

STRETCHA is an extreme time stretching plugin for sample files, playing them up to 100 times slower for drone and ambient effects.

STRETCHBPM is for adjusting a WAV sample loop to a new tempo, by setting original and target BPM.

CHIPPER is specialised in stretching or squeezing drum loops. It is a loop slicer intended for tempo adjustment with some extra effects, like playing only parts of the loop or playing the loop slices backwards without reversing the sound.

The plug-ins are available together in one pack as 32-bit VST plug-ins for €6.50.

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