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sonicLAB updates Cosmosƒ to v2.4 and releases Cosmosf vSaturn
29th May 2014

sonicLAB has released two new versions of the Cosmosƒ "advanced stochastic synthesiser".

Cosmosƒ v2.4 (update):

Cosmosƒ vSaturn (upgrade) includes all the existing features of v2.4 and additionally:

Cosmosƒ vSaturn upgrade price for registered Cosmosƒ Plug-in users is 29€/39$.

For new users there is a Professional Edition of Cosmosƒ vSaturn offered for 169€ and Academic Edition for 119€.

All relevant info can be found on sonicLAB website. The demo video of the product is here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=GM-mNlrDLlE

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