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Sound Magic announces Neo Piano "Formula 1" and releases "Vocal Pop Volume 1" extension pack for Vocalist
30th May 2014

Sound Magic has announced Formula 1, a new piano virtual instrument for Mac OS X and Windows set for release in November 2014.

They've has also released the Vocal Pop Volume 1 extension pack for Vocalist, which provides several presets suitable for vocal processing in a variety of conditions and different kinds of music. This pack is free for all registered users.

Here's what they say about Formula 1:

"Formula 1 is the first virtual piano made by some kinds of "transgene" technology. It is a combination of a famous piano timbre such as Steinway, Bosendorfer, Fazioli and Bluthner. It has a unique tone which you could find apart in above great pianos, but not all in real world."

"Usually, people love Steinway because its famous singing tones. So every great piano has its own timbre which you cannot find anywhere else. Such idea like "I want bass from Bosendorfer and highs from Steinway" is always a dream that is impossible in real world."

"Sound Magic spent over 5 years in study how these unique timbre relate with harmonics and how human ears can sense this timbre, finally, we found a way to create timbre through harmonic shaping technology, it is like "transgene" technology which could reshape a plant's shape and characteristics. By using this technology, we turn the dream into reality."

"After breaking several technology barriers, Sound Magic successfully extract the timbres from several great pianos and combine them together with harmonic shaping technology, which also used in our hybrid modeling technology."

Formula 1 will be released in November 2014, combined with their new Neo Piano Hybrid Modelling Engine.

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