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accSone releases crusherX-Studio! 5 for Windows (actually 5.20) - incl. 64-bit
3rd June 2014

accSone has announced the release of crusherX-Studio! 5 for Windows 32/64-bit (the current version is actually 5.20).

Native 64-bit support is provided and this enables the enhancement of grain lengths and modulation depths up to 60sec. It opens the door to huge, massive and long lasting evolving sound clouds.

A new vapor parameter is introduced: X-Crush is unique in the world of granular synthesis. It adds a special asymmetric ring-modulation transformation fed by the overlap of each grain with its successor. While interacting dynamically with the other vapor parameters, X-Crush will lead from subtle ringing artifacts up to extreme phase shifting and distortion sounds.

The UI was reworked to integrate better into professional DAWs and gives a better feedback on special settings. There is more space reserved for the Physical-Modeling and Cloud-Visualization controls, the mixer controls and level meters are better accessible. Several background assistances ensures quicker workflows (there is e.g. an automatic setting of the filter mode if certain modulation modification are done by the user). This saves your time and creates more joy in your sound investigation. The new morphing of presets / programs feature enables to morph between pre-stored plug-in programs without adding additional load to the CPU.

Changes in crusherX-Studio! 32/64-bit 5.20:

crusherX-Studio! 5 is available in the accSone shop for €179.00 (including 19% VAT).

Download the free demo at: studio.crusher-x.com

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