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Digital Brain Instruments announces an official FMOD Studio workshop in Barcelona
2nd June 2014

Digital Brain Instruments has announced his first workshop series focused on game audio in collaboration with FMOD and Sound Librarian.

This is an event developed for those interested in the game audio, the craft of making sound for games. The workshop will be held in Barcelona, Spain, on 15th-20th September 2014.

To ensure the most enriching experience possible for participants, places will be limited so people wishing to attend the Workshop should apply early to guarantee a place.

Official FMOD Studio Workshop & Master Class

The FMOD Studio Live Workshop is a rare opportunity to learn from one of the most experienced FMOD users in the world. Stephan Schütze has 15 years experience working with FMOD, produced the FMOD User Manuals and has developed the official FMOD Studio certified course program. Over five days he will take you through the core aspects of working with FMOD Studio and demonstrate tips and tricks for getting the best from your game audio. These workshops will cover both sound design and music production.

The workshops will explore some of the fundamental aspects of game audio production, how it differs to film and television and how aspects like 3D audio are key to the players experience. Over five days attendees will explore all the cores elements of FMOD Studio and learn how to utilize features such as Sound Modules, Parameters and the Logic System to create truly dynamic sound and music for game projects.

This event will benefit students, teachers, professionals, sound designers, musicians and those from other media formats interested in exploring the possibility of game audio production. It will combine direct guidance through the FMOD Studio tool-set combined with important conceptual approaches to game audio production. As a regular speaker at both GDC and Game Sound Con, Stephan Schütze combines his passion for audio production with his industry experience creating games.


Master Class

The 6th day of this event offers participants the opportunity to have their work critiqued and discussed by their peers in a review process with Stephan Schütze. Numbers for review participation are strictly limited, but general audience places will allow for anyone to attend and join the discussion.

Projects can include sound design, music, dialogue projects or any combination of audio elements. This is an advanced level discussion of topics, concepts and methods.

Participants will submit an FMOD Studio project prior to the event for review and discussion and each project will be demonstrated, discussed and Stephan will provide expert feedback on how to maximize your project for efficiency and creative possibilities.

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