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Samples From Mars releases Simmons SDS-800 Samples
8th June 2014

Samples From Mars has released the Simmons SDS-800 Samples Library, which is a 520 sound collection of 24-bit samples from the 80s analog drum synthesizer.

The Simmons produces the classic syn-tom effect that was found in many disco, boogie and reggae productions of that era. In the 90s, the white noise snare / hi hat became popular in Techno productions, and in the 2000s, groups like LCD Soundsystem re-popularized the Simmons sound with tracks like "Losing my Edge" and "Get Innocuous".

What's Included:

Some of the Gear Used:

Price: $24. Find out more at www.samplesfrommars.com/simmons-drum-samples

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