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Steinberg releases Wavelab 8.5
13th June 2014

Steinberg has announced that Wavelab 8.5, the latest version of the mastering, editing and batch processing software, is now available for download as an update at the Steinberg Online Shop. WaveLab 8.5 full version and educational products are also available at your preferred dealer.

WaveLab 8.5 comes with a broad range of new functions, among them features such as the new Watch Folders batch processor.

Highlights include:

The suggested retail price is €549, including German VAT. The suggested retail price for the WaveLab 8.5 update from WaveLab 8 is €49.99, including German VAT.

Grace Period: If you activated WaveLab 8 after January 29 2014, you are eligible for a cost-free update to WaveLab 8.5.

Important notice for users of RND Portico plug-ins, Yamaha Vintage Plug-In Collection, REV-X and ChannelStrip: Just before the release of WaveLab 8.5, Steinberg discovered a technical problem affecting the RND Portico series plug-ins, the Yamaha Vintage Plug-In Collection as well as the REV-X reverb and the Channel Strip bundled with Steinberg hardware products. Unfortunately, these plug-ins cannot be used with WaveLab 8.5 right now due to a wrong parameter interpretation issue. Steinberg have already analysed the issue and are working on a solution. A fix for this problem is expected to be released in the first WaveLab 8.5 maintenance update on July 7th.

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