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OverTone DSP updates PTC-2A Pultec EQ plug-in - adds support for VST3
16th June 2014

OverTone DSP has updated the PTC-2A Pultec EQ Plug-in to include support for VST3.

The PTC-2A is a high quality emulation of one of the most sought-after vintage EQs. Separate Boost and Attenuate controls allow simultaneous low frequency boost and cut, replicating the signature Pultec sounds. A transformer-coupled valve amplifier emulation further enhances the vintage qualities.

Added support for VST3 brings all the advantages of the format, including a live re-sizable graphical interface to make the best use of screen space and resolution.

This is a free upgrade for existing users, more information and free demo / upgrade at www.overtonedsp.co.uk

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