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Kiss-Box releases "VSTizer DW8000" - RTP-MIDI Compatible VST Plug-in Editor/Librarion for Korg DW8000
3rd July 2014

Kiss-Box has announced the introduction of a new plugin in its VSTizer product range, the VSTizer DW8000.

VSTizer DW8000 is a complete Editor/Librarian for the famous Korg DW8000 synthesizer, in form of a VST plug-in. It allows complete parameter editing and full remote control over RTP-MIDI link. It also allows to upload an download banks from the synthesizer (the cassette interface is not needed any more). And as a VSTi, it can receive all MIDI events from the host and transmit them in real-time to the synthesizer over RTP-MIDI.

VSTizer DW8000 is available as a free bundle plug-in for Kiss-Box MIDI2TR and CM-MIDI hardware interfaces.

VSTizer DW8000 is a VST 2.4 plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows in 32- and 64-bit formats and includes the two factory banks from Korg. Other banks will be added soon and on a regular basis.

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