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Leap Into The Void releases "Flow" for Massive
4th July 2014

Leap Into The Void has announced the release of Flow, a collection of 64 pads for Massive whose character is best described as a continuous flow. There are mellow pads, deep pads, lush pads, rich pads, soft pads, detuned pads, organ pads and more, all sharing one purpose. If you want you could call them, "basic pads with a touch of Leap Into The Void".

Leap Into The Void have named them "Flow".

All sounds can easily be found in Massive's browser and they all contain a coherent mapping of the eight macro knobs.

Suited for any type of electronic music, ambient, pop, rock:

Price: €17.95 (It is available for €12.57 through July, 2014).


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