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Tokyo Dawn Labs and Variety of Sound release SlickEQ "Gentleman's Edition"
7th July 2014

Tokyo Dawn Labs and Variety of Sound have released SlickEQ GE, a mixing/mastering equalizer designed for ease-of-use, musical flexibility and highest quality sound.

TDR VOS SlickEQ – Gentleman's Edition takes SlickEQ's concept to new heights and adds a "Tilt"-filter flanked by flexible lowpass and highpass filters. Five distinct EQ models provide a rich set of predefined EQ curves and behaviours for the three main semi parametric filter bands.

SlickEQ GE offers a optional EQ nonlinearity as well as six different output stages. These options offer subtle and interesting textures, from the typical "mojo" often associated with high quality analogue audio gear, up to more obvious saturation.

An elaborate auto gain option automatically compensates for changes of perceived-loudness during EQ (within reasonable limits) and a gain-trim feature helps controlling peak overloads with ease. The 64-bit multi-rate processing scheme (a.k.a. "internal re-sampling") practically eliminates typical problems of digital EQ implementations such as frequency-warping, quantization distortion and aliasing.

Key specs and features:

TDR VOS SlickEQ GE costs €30 and is available for 32- and 64-bit Mac OS X and Windows in VST, AU and AAX effect plug-in formats.

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