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HOFA updates products - supports ISRC in WAV files
8th July 2014

HOFA has released some product updates that add support for ISRC in WAV files.

Here's what they say:

For every musician, the ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) used for unique identification of titles on audio CDs is an important part of the royalty payment system. It is becoming more and more vital that this code is not lost when working with audio files that are not bound to a physical CD.
Unfortunately the ISRC can not be saved in a standard .wav file. Even the broadcast wave format does originally not contain an entry for the ISRC. Following an initiative by The Music Producers Guild (MPG), the European Broadcast Union (EBU) has adopted a way on how to include an ISRC in the so called "axml chunk" of the broadcast wave format. The MPG is currently promoting this to establish it as a standard (www.mpg.org.uk/isrc-bwav-press).

HOFA-Plugins now supports this new standard in all CD- & DDP products: HOFA CD-Burn &
(Standalone & Plugin), HOFA DDP Player and HOFA DDP Player Maker.

When exporting tracks in Wave format, an existing ISRC can be integrated into the .wav file.

When importing a .wav file in CD-Burn & DDP (Standalone), an ISRC that is present in the file is automatically put to the CD tracklist.

The update can be installed for free using the HOFA-Plugins Manager.

All products are available separately or as a bundle for Windows and OS X in the HOFA-Plugins


HOFA CD-Burn & DDP and HOFA DDP Player for OS X are also available in the Mac App Store.

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