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Fervent Software releases Studio to Go! v2.0
16th April 2007

Fervent Software has announced the immediate availability of Studio to Go! v2.0.

The Studio to Go! software series provides a complete introduction to the world of Linux Audio and features an integrated audio and compositional environment on a single bootable disk. The new 2.0 release includes many usability improvements that add up to make this the most complete and best-integrated release yet of the original Linux Audio bootable CD distribution.

Studio to Go! v2.0 provides the latest Linux Audio applications including brand new support for many Firewire cards, synchronised Video support for soundtrack composition and an enhanced list of soft synths and software samplers.

Naturally you also get the latest versions of all the most popular audio and MIDI tools for Linux composition, audio recording and production. Including the Rosegarden sequencer, the Ardour digital audio workstation, many different soft synths, loop base sequencing and sampling software and more:


Effects and Loops

Multimedia players

DVD/CD burning

Studio to Go! v2.0 comes with all of this software plus much, much more on a single downloadable ISO image. Download the software, burn it to CD or DVD and then either run the software directly from the disk or choose to install it onto your computer.

Studio to Go! v2.0 is also available to purchase from Fervent Software for £79.99 including forum and email support.

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