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Agitated State updates MenuMagic to v1.6.6.0

Agitated State has updated MenuMagic to version

General changes:

  • Improved support for multi-monitor systems. All dialog and message windows have either been updated or replaced through the entire program. So if you are using multiple monitors:
    • All message dialogs (notices, confirmations, warnings, etc.) should popup in the center of MenuMagic.
    • Other types of dialogs (load or save file, etc.) will popup in the same monitor or if MenuMagic is straddling monitors whatever monitor contains most of MenuMagic.
  • Status tab changes:
    • Improved visibility of Status messages. Status messages that indicate that your plug-in menus may need to be updated are now color accented to stand out more. Note: MenuMagic can detect if Cakewalk VST Plug-in Scanner actually made changes to Cakewalk's plug-in database. The message that 'your menus may be out of sync' will only show if there have actually been updates to Cakewalk's plug-in database since the last time you created menus in MenuMagic.
    • When the notification message is active the mouse over tooltips now will show the contents of these labels messages. This was done just in case your color scheme makes the screen message too hard to read (MenuMagic tries to select a color that is readable against whatever your current skin color is but if your pick something truly god-awful then this should help).
  • Plug-in Info Grid changes:
    • Modified behavior of the Bright slider. You can Ctrl-Click to return slider to its default position.
  • Dupe Fixer changes:
    • Modified behavior of the Bright slider that controls the grid colors. You can now Ctrl-Click to return slider to its default position.
    • Fixed screen corruption that sometimes occurred when moving splitter; i.e. when changing the size of the top vs bottom panel.
    • Fixed error that occurred if you changed the brightness slider then tried closing the Dupe Fixer before the screen had finished updating. Now the screen is locked until updating is finished.
  • Menu Creation tab changes:
    • Fixed bug in Sonar Menu Creation where for UnCategorized plug-ins 'original plug-in name' was data was missing. This bug caused no known problems.
  • Settings/Options tab changes:
    • Changes in the "Scan for VST Plug-ins on Sonar/P5 Startup" settings of the Foldout Control Center.
    • Fixed bug - settings changes were not being applied to Sonar X1.
    • Changed content of the Done message for more clarity - now show which versions of Sonar were updated.
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