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Agitated State updates MenuMagic Plug-In Manager (Cakewalk DAWs version) to v0.9.10.7 beta

Agitated State has updated the MenuMagic Plug-In Manager (Cakewalk DAWs version) to v0.9.10.7 beta.

Significant changes since v0.9.5.30:

  • New - full support for Cakewalk's Project5 2.5 and Sonar 6. MenuMagic now has independent Plug-in Support Layers for:
    • VST Adapter:
      • Sonar5 and earlier.
      • Project5 v2 and earlier.
      • Guitar Tracks Pro 3.
      • Home Studio 2.
      • Home Studio 2 XL.
      • Music Creator 2.
      • Kinetic.
    • Project5 v2.5 or higher.
    • Sonar 6.2 or higher.

Each Plug-in Support Layer has its own:

    • Independent plug-in organization (plug-in names and arrangements).
    • Separate database.
    • Registry Backup/Restore options that correctly handle each Plug-in Support Layer.

Project5 v2.5x support details:

  • Works with new Project5 v2.5x plug-in handling. Interface is identical to VST Adapter Plug-in System Layer.

Sonar6.x support details: MenuMagic now has a Sonar6.x Layout Menu Manager

  • Supports Sonar v6 and all sub versions (6.2, etc.).
  • Use MenuMagic's tools (Name Fixes, Categorization Manager, etc.) to start your plug-in menu layout, then put the finishing touches in MenuMagic's Layout Menu manager.
  • Merge Layouts: You can use Sonar 6 plug-in menu layouts that you've created previously as source for new layouts or reload your current layout to clone sections.
  • Direct Assignment of Layout Menus:
    • When saving your custom plug-in menu layout you can now assign it to any of Sonar6's Menus or other areas (such as tracks) where a plug-in menu is available. For example you can assign your new plug-in menu layout directly to Sonar's SynthRack menu.
    • Sonar recognizes new MenuMagic changes. New Plug-in Layout Menus are loaded & ready to use the next time you start Sonar.

Plug-in Info Grid enhancements:

  • New options enable you to create, save and load custom grid layouts:
    • Change column sizes, order and visibility (shown or hidden).
    • Save / restore layouts (sort order is saved with layout).
  • Control action of grid when sorting resorting:
    • Stay on current plug-in or maintain position in grid (stay on same row number).
  • Control startup behaviour of grid:
    • Save & restore last used grid layout.
    • Save and restore last used sorts.

Settings/Option tab changes - Enhanced Appearance Options:

  • Program appearance options (skins, coloration, program position, etc.) now are are all grouped in one area and have their own 'Save' options.
  • The 'Briteness' slider settings that control Plug-in Info Grid and MenuMagic Status Grid color settings now has the all the same behaviors as the other appearance slider controls (Hue and Saturation).
    • Ctrl-Click - resets slider settings to default settings.
    • Settings are now saved with other appearance settings.

Improved Program Help:

  • Improved Navigation & interaction with program. Help shows content relative to current program area in use.
  • Content updated.
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