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Aixcoustic Creations

Aixcoustic Creations updates Electri-Q to v1.8.5

Aixcoustic Creations has updated Electri-Q to v1.8.5.

Detailed Change Log


  • Bypass (Curve Ignore): sound was muted - Fixed
  • Bypass (Curve Ignore): freeze in some versions after stop and start playback - Fixed.
  • Bypass (Curve Ignore): filters sometimes stopped working after stop and start playback - Fixed.
  • Bandwidth lock didn't work - Fixed.
  • Adjusting Q by pressing left + right mouse buttons didn't work in v1.8.x - Fixed.
  • Adjusting Q by pressing ALT could lead to accidental filter switching - Fixed.
  • Redo didn't work - Fixed.
  • Curve node transparency didn't work in some 1.8.x versions - Fixed.
  • GUIs was scaled wrong in Sequoia/Samplitude with some versions/skins - Fixed.
  • Host dependent settings introduced to avoid crashes related to some hosts only.
  • Popup Menu button integrated into the GUI (not available in every skin).
  • Minimum and maximum phase filter kernel calculation speed-up.
  • Standalone: random crashes during close - Fixed.
  • Standalone: graphic glitches - Fixed.
  • Skin: color reset made most colors black - Fixed.
  • Skin: added 'Default Skin' to reset old/broken skins to default.

Phase Linear mode:

  • Curve wasn't updated after typing in values manually - Fixed.
  • Curve wasn't updated after switching of filter type - Fixed.
  • Curve wasn't updated after switching the algorithm - Fixed.
  • The 'Round' High/Low pass filters were switched if sorted by Category - Fixed.
  • Freeze during preset fixes with at least one linear phase mode - Fixed.
  • Curve drawing/update is accelerated multiple times to overcome problems with graphic "spikes".
  • Filter kernel calculation is accelerated as well.

Linear IIR mode:

  • Latency reporting was wrong/off by 12288 samples - Fixed.
  • Sound from previously played material was heard on next playback/bounce - Fixed.
  • Switching between Phase Linear and Linear IIR mode decreased the curve gain values - Fixed.
  • Bypass (Curve Ignore) caused increased curve gain values - Fixed.

New general feature:

  • Band/filter gain reset to zero (Lasso select multiple nodes and hold ALT while double clicking).

Samplitude/Sequoia related issues:

  • Random host crash/termination after removing Electri-Q 1.8.x from track/object inserts - Fixed.
  • Reproducible crash/termination after removing Electri-Q from Sam/Seq's main plugin dialog - Fixed.
  • The crash didn't occur when deleting Electri-Q, but upon closing Sam/Seq's plugin dialog - Fixed. This is a Sequoia/Samplitude specific issue and requires a special patch in order to fix it. The patch has been integrated as an option in the Electri-Q installer.
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