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Ardour 3.1.10 released

Version 3.1.10 of Ardour is now available for download for Linux (the OS X release will be out soon). Version 3.0 was released a few weeks ago.

Ardour 3.1
A packaging error caused 3.1 to be lacking all translations into languages other than English. 3.1.10 was released to fix this.

Improvements and New Functionality:

  • MIDI channel control expanded:
    • separate controls for input and output handling.
    • can now filter out MIDI channels on input or playback.
    • can now record all MIDI channels to a fixed channel (per track).
    • can force playback of all MIDI channels to a fixed channel (per track).
    • now managed via a popup window.
    • track header just provides summary of channel control state.
  • Freesound improvements:
    • Add a 'More' button to load the next page of results without clearing the already-found list.
    • Don't allow cancellation of searches, and don't update progress bar around searches, since we only get one page at a time now.
    • Show number of pages of results remaining to download in the tooltip of the 'More' button.
    • Stop bad things happening when clicking in the Freesound search results list while a search or file download is already in progress.
    • Make the 'Stop' button insensitive except when it will actually stop the download of a sound file.
    • Only retrieve one page worth of data per search, rather than looping to get all pages.
    • Don't show an error in the log window if the user cancelled download.
    • Request 100 items per page, rather than the default 30.
  • support for the Non Session Manager (NSM) session protocol.
  • treat file names ending in .midi as well as .mid (case-insensitive) as MIDI files.
  • correctly handle multiple export files with the same extension (e.g. WAV) but different formats (the format name is appended to the filename).
  • when searching for various kinds of files, expand "~" if it is found in the search path, following POSIX conventions (~ => home folder/directory).
  • dynamically update plugin menus when "Hide" is used in plugin manager so that it is not necessary to restart Ardour to see the result.
  • make 0 and keypad-0 keys reset the mono panner, to match stereo panner.
  • add export track output option to stem export dialog.
  • use LILV state API to load LV2 presets, thus supporting presets that have extra information associated with them.
  • improve error reporting when realpath(2) fails.
  • document -a (no announcements) option on man page.

Drag-n-Drop Fixes and Improvements:

  • fix drag and drop from region list so that it actually works, even though it is not as pretty as it was.
  • allow Drag-n-Drop onto the blank track area of the editor once again.
  • correctly indicate during drag-n-drop where a drop is possible and where it isn't (though the clarity of this depends a bit on your desktop environment).
  • correctly honor ctrl/command modify during drag-n-drop (to indicate copy vs. embed).
  • always import (copy) MIDI files since Ardour considers them writable.
  • correctly handle drag-n-drop of mixed file types (audio & MIDI).


  • create "been here before" file even if a first time user doesn't modify the default configuration options.
  • fix crash on some systems during fetching announcements from ardour.org.
  • fix incorrect listing of MIDNAM files in the event of the user having their own private set of them in addition to those supplied with Ardour.
  • fix mishanding of LXVST (and windows VST) plugin names where the path includes a directory with a period/dot in its name such as ~/.lxvst.
  • fix crash when deleting non-existent plugin presets.
  • fix crash when using multiply-nested compound regions.
  • fix undo/redo of deletion of note, patch change and sysex events.
  • make track header faders insensitive to vertical scroll wheel events (again).
  • make MIDI clock synchronization work (again).
  • Don't include unselected regions in edit grouped region operations.
  • Ignore track selection if there are any selected regions.
  • fix behaviour when switching into automation write mode while the transport is moving.
  • "Hide All" in editor track list functions more consistently.
  • Tracks/busses created from templates get names based on the user-supplied value, if given.

Ardour 3.0
This is a list of major new features since version 2.8.16. There are also hundreds or thousands of bug fixes. Read about this in more detail here.

Major New Features:

  • MIDI recording, playback and editing, including plugin instrument support for LV2, VST and AudioUnits.
  • Parallelization of DSP operations to use any number of processors.
  • Matrix-style patching/routing.
  • Overhauled export system (multiple formats at once, stem exports, multichannel exports).

New & Improved Audio Signal Handling:

  • Monitor section.
  • Solo operation redesigned, includes Solo Isolate and correct AFL/PFL modes.
  • Per-channel visible phase invert buttons.
  • Internal aux sends and explicit aux busses.
  • Improved send control.
  • Stereo panning via width+position.
  • Track/Bus groups extended.

Audio Editing:

  • Option for Automation moves with Regions.
  • Rhythm Ferret improvements.
  • Vertical stacking of overlapping regions in tracks.
  • Non-destructive, non-overlapping recording mode.
  • New region editing features.
  • Strip Silence.
  • Media search path.

New & Improved GUI details:

  • Session overview pane.
  • Unified processor list (plugins, sends, returns etc).
  • Extended Region list.
  • Extended Track/Bus list.
  • Improved and expanded editor cursor set.
  • Dynamically resizable big clock window.
  • New and improved preferences dialog(s).
  • New editing implementation for clocks.

External Control:

  • MIDI binding maps.
  • Dramatically improved Mackie Control support.
  • Linear Timecode support.
  • Improved MTC chase.
  • MIDI Clock chase.


  • 64-bit timeline.
  • Dynamically resizable disk buffers.
  • JACK Session support.
  • Undo system internals use less memory and improve speed.
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